Need a used mixer in top condition?

At amixon®, we continuously update our portfolio of powder mixing and processing equipment used for trial runs and demos.

When test machines are replaced with newer models, we carefully refurbish the older equipment and offer these gently-used machines for sale at low prices. All used machines are in excellent condition with no evidence of wear.

Industrial mixers for sale

Used Granulator, Pin Mixer for Sale

Two models currently in stock

Ring-Layer Granulator & Continuous Pin Mixer (RMG) used only for testing purposes, engineered and refurbished by amixon® in Paderborn, Germany.

Model: RMG 800

    • engineered for the continuous tumble-growth granulation of powdery goods with the addition of liquid binding agents
    • capable of producing a continuous output of up to 20 t/h or 20 m³/h
    • designed for heavy-duty processing conditions
    • adjustable motor settings via frequency converter