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Revolutionize Your Pharma Production with amixon®'s State-of-the-Art Mixers

Achieve Unmatched Quality and Compliance with Our Cutting-Edge Technology


Why Choose amixon®?

Unlock the full potential of your pharmaceutical production with amixon®. Our mixers are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring precise and homogenous distribution of highly concentrated active ingredients.


Key Feature

  • Homogenous Batches at varying filling levels ranging from 5 to 100 percent
  • Gentle Mixing that preserves delicate particle structure
  • Strict Hygiene Compliance with EHEDG, FDA, and GMP standards
  • Innovative Technologies for better processing, discharge, and cleaning

Vacuum Dryer & Mix-Reactor AMT

Amixon's 3-in-1 AMT vacuum dryer, mixer, and reactor addresses the challenges of heat-sensitive and toxic synthetic ingredients. By utilizing pressurized chambers, it can lower the flashpoint of watery suspensions from 212°F to 95°F, safeguarding their efficacy. Additionally, this equipment features jacketed components for efficient heat transfer throughout mixing, drying, and reacting processes, all within a vacuum- and pressure-sealed vessel. This versatile machine ensures the successful processing of sensitive substances under airtight conditions.


Vertical Twin Shaft Mixer HM

Pharmaceutical blend consistency is vital to safety and effectiveness. amixon®'s vertical twin-shaft mixer HM excels as a pharmaceutical powder blender. It gently and precisely blends ingredients of various sizes and shapes swiftly. This mixer offers distinct advantages over basic machines, with easy operation, fast cleaning, and versatile processing. Its dual vessels, equipped with helical blades, rotate in sync, creating a powerful three-dimensional flow in dry ingredients. In just 20 to 90 rotations, it achieves exceptional homogeneity, delivering dust-free pharmaceutical blends with ideal properties.


Conical Ribbon Blender AM

The AM conical ribbon blender is a versatile powder mixing machine suitable for medication manufacturing. Its dead space-free mixing vessel works at just 5% filling levels. The helical ribbon blade creates a three-dimensional flow, and shovel-like arms enhance blending efficiency, even with challenging ingredients. This blender achieves excellent mixing results with minimal energy input.