Powder mixer, Ribbon blender - Vacuum mixer, Powder blender and Vertical mixer

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Mixers, vacuum dryers, powder blender and container mixer - Process equipment by amixon®

amixon® GmbH designs and manufactures mixers and dryers, like vacuum dryers, mix dryers, cone mixers, powder mixers, vertical mixers and vacuum mixers. Expertise and ingenuity in the manufacturing of mixers, powder dryers and reactors distinguish our company. amixon® today owns several patents on reactors, mixers and dryers. Currently about 120 competent employees provide a smooth production - from mixing plants, mixing machines and industrial food mixer to the vacuum dryers.

All mixers, cone mixers, vertical mixers, vacuum mixers, powder blender, etc., are constructed according to the requirements of our customers by experienced amixon® engineers. In addition, each mixing machine has special properties: amixon® cone mixers, for example, work quickly and carefully, they are suitable for dry, moist and viscous products.

Each mixing machine is characterized by a long service life. amixon® mixing machines can be used for powdery bulk solids, pastes and dough. amixon® mixers are manufactured as laboratory mixers, sterile mixers or container mixers.

All amixon® mixers, reactors and dryers for powder are exclusively made in our manufacturing plant in Paderborn, Germany.