Dispersing and desagglomerating

Mixing / Deagglomerating is also random and results from the flowing and swirling of the mixture at high velocity. This operation is combined with high energy input.

Primary particles, which have a tendency towards agglomeration or aggregation in smaller grain sizes, can be de-agglomerated by rubbing and crushing. In practice, the deagglomeration takes place by shearing, impact loading and friction (cutting rotors, HighShearBlades, dissolver, milling machines).

amixon® has patented smizers and rotor-stators.

The achievable mixing quality increases with increasing disintegration of the individual components.

The mixing quality describes the equal distribution/ homogeneity of the components.

amixon® guarantees technically ideal mixing quality, which cannot be improved in practice!

Solutions in the field of mixing technology require individual products. Our experts will advise you in accordance with your specific requirements.