Ribbon blender

The ribbon blender is provided with a cylindrical mixing chamber and can be equipped with a conical bottom. Inside, a helical mixing tool rotates. It is driven and stored only from above. The shape of the helical mixing tool has a very special design.

This way, it passes over the surfaces of the mixing chamber very close to the wall. The mixing equipment in the ribbon blender rotates slowly. The peripheral velocity is only 0.3 to 4 m/s. There is only one shaft seal. It lies above the mixing good, so that it seals reliably against overpressure and vacuum. On demand it is designed according to GMP. The operation of the mixing, drying, or the reaction process in the ribbon blender is selected by the operator.

  • Low rotational frequency and excellent protection of the quality of mixing goods if they are sensitive to pressure, shear or friction.
  • Increased rotational frequency and cutting rotor operation (about 3000 rpm) for intensive deagglomeration, shear and micro-dispersion.

In any case, thanks to the gentle functionality of the ribbon blender, ideal mixing quality is achieved and the process runs effectively, fast, energy-saving and without dead space.

Mixing, vacuum drying and reacting in the ribbon mixer The entire mixing chamber is heated, as is the entire mixing tool (shaft, agitator arms and helix tool).

amixon® guarantees a high degree of vacuum, so that boiling and drying temperatures are particularly low. The cleaning of the ribbon blender can take place dry or wet, manually or automatically.

All ribbon blenders can be provided with large inspection doors. Those are manufactured according to the CleverCut® principle. The doors are virtually free of cavities and adapted to the contour of the mixing chamber. They seal gas- and liquid tight.

Of particular importance is the shape of the helical mixing tool. It corresponds to the patented SinConvex® design and has excellent mixing properties.

It has only obliquely inclined surfaces. In this respect, the ribbon blender, as well as all other mixers and cone mixers, dryers and reactors equipped with this tool can be discharged completely after work. If the product is free flowing, the discharging rate may be up to 99.999%. Above the dryer a vapour filter is mounted, which is also manufactured by amixon®.

Occurring very fine dust is recycled to the drying process. amixon® manufactures its ribbon blenders and all other mixers, blenders, dryers and reactors exclusively in Paderborn / Germany. The gears and motors of the mixers are also manufactured in Germany.

In the pilot plant, the mixing / drying / - and reaction processes can be demonstrated in 200 litre scale. There are also sets of Alloy 59 available.

Extrapolation for systems up to 20 000 litres and more can be made by the amixon® process engineers.

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