Vertical single-shaft mixer / ribbon blender

Ideal mixing quality for dry, moist and viscous materials at variable filling levels

The spiral mixing blade inside the ribbon blender initiates a three-dimensional flow of the mixing goods; creating a helical upward movement on the periphery and downward flow in the centre. This industrial mixer guarantees very good mixing results and complete discharge. It can be used as ribbon blender for dry powder, wet suspensions as well as liquids, paste and dough.


Further characteristics of the single-shaft mixer / ribbon blender:

  • If the mixing process requires deagglomeration, high speed cutting rotors can be installed.
  • The ribbon blender is driven from the top, using only a single top bearing.
  • The mixer meets all industry standards for surface finish, including sanitary and pharmaceutical requirements.
  • Jacketed and vacuum rated versions are an ideal vacuum dryer or mixing reactor.



Dimensions Vertical-mixer / ribbon blender

Efficient mixing of dry process media

The amixon® ribbon blender is a vertical styled helical blade mixer. That ribbon blender is of highly efficient and versatile mixing machine designed to homogeneously mix dry process media, such as powders or granules. Industrial mixers of this type are primarily used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industries. Thorough mixing is accomplished by continuously moving the process media from the center to both ends of the container and in reverse direction.

For this purpose, a special mixing ribbon is used that rotates at a relatively low speed. It features a precisely defined geometry and includes an agitator to ensure a constant movement of the process media until a homogeneous mixture of all ingredients is accomplished. The raw materials are fed through the top of the drum-shaped blender, while the finished product is discharged trough the bottom.

Ribbon blenders offers gentle or intensive mixing according to GMP

The amixon® ribbon blender combine patented and well proven technologies with a food and drug compliant design according to GMP specifications. It features a horizontally positioned cylindrical mixing chamber and is equipped with a patented agitator designed to guarantee superior mixing results in combination with a wide range of dry process media. The blenders are designed for top loading and servicing and allows seamless integration into any manufacturing environment.

Mixing schema of the ribbon blender

amixon® blenders conform to the GMP standards that are required for example for applications in the pharmaceutical and food processing industry. A typical example of its GMP-specific design is the shaft seal of the blenders. They feature only one shaft seal, which is conveniently located above the process media and seals reliably against overpressure and vacuum.

The especially designed CleverCut® inspection doors are not only gas and liquid tight. They are also virtually free from any cavities. As a result, the amixon® ribbon blenders stand out for their seamless design with smooth surfaces that not only prevent any accumulation of residues of process media, but also support easy cleaning.

Process-specific mixing modes

The entire system works at a process-specific temperature. For this purpose, mixing drum, shaft, agitator arms and helix tool are heated to maintain a consistent temperature. The ribbon blenders offer two rotation speeds that can be selected by the operator depending on the mixing, drying or reaction process a blender is used for. At low rotation, the blenders allow extremely gentle mixing with a peripheral velocity of only 0.3-4 m/s. This mode matches applications involving process media that are sensitive to pressure, sheer or friction. At high speed operation the blenders rotate at 3.000 rpm. This operating mode is used for process media requiring maximum deagglomeration, shear and micro-dispersion.

amixon® patented ribbon blender

The amixon® ribbon blenders are equipped with an especially designed helical mixing agitator. It corresponds to the patented SinConvex® design and stands out for its unique geometry featuring precisely defined obliquely inclined surfaces. Agitator arms and helix tool are designed in a way to operate with minimum space between the rotating elements and the inner contour of the mixing chamber.

This not only takes care of an especially thorough and homogenous mixing process. It also allows effective discharging of the process media at the end of the mixing process. With freely flowing process media, a discharging rate of up to 99.999% can be achieved.

Ribbon blender with ComDisc®

Our blenders support either dry or wet cleaning for fast transitions between different production processes or the adaption to products made with different recipes. Depending on the overall production process, the required cleaning processes can be either manual or automatic. For manual cleaning, the blenders can be equipped with large inspection doors. They seamlessly integrate into the contour of the mixing chamber and allow easy access for fast and efficient cleaning.

Proprietary technology for added safety

Like all mixers, blenders, dryers and reactors from amixon®, the ribbon blenders are exclusively made in Germany. We insist on manufacturing especially all key technologies inhouse at our product design and manufacturing facility in Paderborn. Besides especially developed drives with transmissions and motors, this also includes the mixing shaft of the ribbon mixer. It is designed to guarantee a high degree of vacuum to support particularly low boiling and drying temperatures.

Standard and custom blender design

While the ribbon blenders generally feature a cylindrical form factor, they are also available with a conical bottom. On special request, our process engineers are also able to provide application-specific models designed in Alloy 59 or featuring mixing capacities of 20.000 liters and more.

amixon® offers comprehensive customer support from consultation all the way to on-site assembly and implementation. At various pilot plants located in specific key markets, we provide mixing and blending equipment with a capacity of 200 liters. This allows us to test and demonstrate any customer-specific mixing, drying or reaction process under real-life production conditions.

Solutions in the field of mixing technology require individual products. Our experts will advise you in accordance with your specific requirements.