Whitepaper 2020: Powder Processing & Infant Formula Manufacturing

The role of mixers in the next generation of infant formula

Entrusted to nourish the most vulnerable among us, baby nutrition products must be developed and manufactured with the utmost care and transparency. High-performance, hygienic mixing equipment plays a key role in ensuring that these products live up to the science behind their development.

Download Whitepaper 2020: Powder Processing & Infant Formula Manufacturing

This whitepaper from amixon GmbH examines some of the dominant forces currently shaping the market for infant formula and baby foods and explores their impact on the manufacturing process. Our evolving scientific understanding of the composition of breast milk is opening new possibilities for infant nutrition products to better nourish babies. But without sophisticated processing technology, scientific knowledge can only go so far in improving products.

Industrial mixing technology is key in developing and manufacturing infant formulas and baby foods that can live up to health claims and guarantee safety.

What's inside?

  • Growing awareness of the benefits of HMOs and probiotics
  • Allergen prevention and cow-free products: the rise of niche market segments
  • Synthesizing HMOs and proving their efficacy
  • Preserving bioactive ingredients in shelf-stable products
  • The crucial importance of hygiene and traceability
  • The role of mixers in fulfilling health and safety claims