Your production tasks are changing or maybe becoming even more complicated. amixon® Excellent Services supports you in the adaptation of processes, the documentation and the adaptation of the apparatus. Your amixon®/Ruberg® apparatus can do more than just mix. It is often possible with slight adjustments or simple assistance to improve your production results and to make your manufacturing procedures leaner. Usually it‘s just small retrofits that make your mixer capable of performing new tasks. If technically possible, amixon® fulfils all your wishes and carries out the conversion and repair work on site at your factory and without dismantling your machine.

Retrofits and Refurbishments

  • Effective mixing and discharge with SinConvex® and ComDisc®
  • Particular gentle mixing with rapid emptying: MultiPlane®
  • Automatic wet-cleaning and drying with WaterDragon®
  • Shorten mixing times, improve and fix mixing qualities with HighShearBlades
  • Doors and inspection hatches without dead space, designed by CleverCut®
  • Nozzle technology
  • Steam or gas injection
  • Addition of liquids under vacuum
  • Sample taker
  • Wear-resistant coating
  • Hygienic seals

Inquiry Retrofits

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