Whitepaper: Mixing Equipment and the Manufacture of Clean Beauty Products

Ingredient Transparency and the Clean New Face of the Beauty Industry

Beauty standards have always changed with the times. In turn, beauty products and the manufacturing practices that bring them to market must adapt to each new generation of demands.

What's inside?

  • What is driving the Clean Beauty movement?
  • Consumer motivations: health, ethics, efficacy, religion
  • Expanding legal oversight & regulatory shifts towards ingredient transparency
  • Cosmetics manufacturing challenges & the role of mixing equipment
  • Preventing microbial contamination in products without preservatives
  • Ensuring product quality and consistency under accelerated production conditions

This whitepaper from amixon GmbH aims to provide insights into the hygiene and product quality challenges faced by manufacturers in a new generation of skincare and cosmetics.

Rising demand for ingredient transparency and natural products paired with increasingly strenuous regulatory standards call upon cosmetics manufacturers to take extra measures to prevent contamination and ensure product quality and consistency.

Especially for cosmetic products composed largely of dry, powdery ingredients, hygienic mixing equipment plays a crucial role in achieving success in this new era of beauty.

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