The perfect equipment for your mixing process

Mixing machine manufacturer amixon® custom-engineers high-performance equipment for diverse bulk material processing needs. Our team of mixing experts specializes in the creation of vertical mixing machines built for challenging, hygenic applications in industrial manufacturing.

Our mixing machines don't simply mix dry ingredients. They homogenize, granulate, agglomerate, vacuum-dry, react, synthesize, disperse, sterilize, coat, and more. Their wide range of processing capabilities makes amixon® mixing equipment indespensible to global market leaders in many industries: from food to cosmetics, from chemicals to pharmaceuticals.

Beyond their many functions and applications, amixon® mixing machines are built with your process in mind. Learn what your production facilities have to gain with the addition of our state-of-the-art mixing and blending equipment.

Better blending equipment, better results

Inside of a mixing machine with convex ribbon blades SinConvex®: an innovative mixing tool for homogeneous blends at variable filling levels.

For decades, amixon® engineers have taken on highly ambitious industrial mixing projects and outfitted clients around the world with custom mixing equipment designed to optimize both product quality and manufacturing efficiency.

We think every detail through: from the blades within the mixing chamber to the external specifications that determine how your mixing machine will integrate with upstream and downstream processes.

Our blending machines are outfitted with hygienic features, such as top-mounted agitator shafts, and innovative proprietary technology, such as rapid discharging tools.

    • Homogeneous blends - Innovative helical mixing tools create a three-dimensional flow within the ingredients, expertly blending batches both large and small in record time.
    • Hygienic design - Mixing machines are virtually free of deadspace and discourage the build up of residue. Large, ergonomic access doors facilitate quick cleaning and drying with CIP.
    • Unparalleled longevity - With extensive after-sales servicing for our mixing machines, many of our models are still in operation after 25 years.

Mixing machines that discharge up to 99.997%

Don't leave any expensive, value-adding ingredients behind in your mixing equipment! amixon® flat-bottom mixing machines can be outfitted with ComDisc®, a tool that attaches to the bottom of the mixing shaft.

During the mixing process, ComDisc® moves through the mixing goods, hovering just above the vessel floor. When it comes time to discharge the mixing machine, ComDisc® automatically lowers and sweeps any residual product towards the discharging outlet, making for a thorough and expedited discharging process.

Thoughtful details like these add up to big to savings. amixon® mixing machines offer dramatically shorter discharging times, batch yields as high as 99.997%, and quick and easy cleaning between batches.

Complete discharge of a mixing machineComDisc®: ensures blending equipment discharges quickly and completely.

All mixing and blending equipment by amixon®



Agglomeration, granulation and grain enlargement
Adhesion and agglomeration of particles to roundish fragments, scabs, prills or pellets. Inter-particular bridging can occur through melt adhesion, reaction, crystallisation, dipoles or hardening.
Compared to finely dispersed materials, grain-enlarged materials flow better, are better suspendable, soluble, sinkable and pressable.
Moreover, agglomerated materials are less at risk of segregation. Grain agglomerations with high density are often called granulates, pellets, prills or scabs.
“Agglomerates” usually means grain agglomerations with large porosity, low density and good solubility. amixon® can realise gentle agglomeration. amixon also can realize up to build-up granulation with high energy input.


Dispersive mixing / Deagglomerating is also random and results from the flowing and swirling of the mixture at high velocity. This operation is combined with high energy input. Primary particles, which have a tendency towards agglomeration or aggregation in smaller grain sizes, can be de-agglomerated by rubbing and crushing. In practice, the deagglomeration takes place by shearing, impact loading and friction (cutting rotors, HighShearBlades, dissolver, milling machines).
amixon® has patented smizers and rotor-stators.
The achievable mixing quality increases with increasing disintegration of the individual components.
The mixing quality describes the equal distribution/ homogeneity of the components. amixon® guarantees technically ideal mixing quality, which cannot be improved in practice!


Mixing and homogenization. Spreading of one or several components within another component, with all components differing in at least one property (colour, chemical composition, particle shape, particle size, ...)
Distributive mixing means the distribution or adsorption of one in/ beside another component.
Dispersive mixing is random and results from the flowing and swirling of the mix.


Drying, reacting, and mixing under a vacuum. Separation of adhesive liquids during mixing.
Depending on the type of energy input, a distinction is made between infrared drying, contact drying, convection drying and friction drying.
Vacuum excitation lowers the boiling point, which promotes vaporisation or sublimation. Chemical reactions in the reactor can be promoted through pressure, temperature and mechanical energy input.
amixon® can realise ideal reaction control and drying.


Coating is a special method of grain enlargement.
Primary particles or granulates are encapsulated by a different material like a film.
The coating can be a micro-fine powder, a liquid or a solidified melt. Coating can be used for protecting, rounding off, inerting or hydrophobising of sensitive bulk materials.
amixon® can realise gentle coating up to mechanical alloying.