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amixon® - Industrial mixing equipment

How industrial mixing machines from amixon® turn raw materials into excellent products

For over 35 years, amixon® has been creating and customizing advanced industrial mixers and blenders for market leaders in diverse industries worldwide.

Tasked with highly ambitious mixing projects, our engineers have outfitted clients around the world with high-performance industrial mixing equipment designed to optimize both product quality and manufacturing efficiency.

amixon® industrial mixers offer many benefits, including:

  • Maximum dispersal and powder flow
  • Short mix cycles
  • Enhanced blend uniformity
  • Up to 99.997% discharge
  • Time-saving design for discharge, cleaning, and drying
  • Multi-functional settings and adjustable mixing intensities

State-of-the-art industrial blenders

amixon® industrial mixers are outfitted with innovative technologies that improve your process and your product:

  • SinConvex® - a helical spring mixing tool for ideal blend uniformity even from filling levels as low as 5%

  • ComDisc® - a customized attachment to the lower mixing arm for up to 99.997% discharge yields

  • KoneSlid® - a complete system with gentle yet thorough mixing in just 20 to 30 rotations, optimal accessibility, and rapid discharge times

Mixing machines made in Germany

Our industrial mixers are made onsite in Paderborn, Germany. Experience the benefits of German precision engineering:

  • Unparalleled longevity – enduring and easy to repair, many of our industrial mixers are still in operation after 25 years

  • Custom-designed for your facilities – we use 3D simulations and CAD tools to ensure our machines integrate effortlessly with your existing equipment

  • Compliance on a global scale –  Our industrial mixers can be manufactured for compliance with FDA, EHEDG, GMP, 3-A Sanitary Standards, and USDA regulations.


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