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KoneSlid® - mixer for crop protection chemicals


Modern crop protection chemicals are the result of many successive stages of synthesis. Finally they are processed in high-performance powder mixers and then filled and packed. The active ingredients are of a high purity and are present in an extremely high concentration.

With these requirements in view, amixon® has developed an interesting innovation: the KoneSlid® mixer, a single-shaft mixing system with comparatively small dimensions. This precision mixer is characterised by particularly short mixing and discharging times, amongst other things. It is thus capable of processing large product quantities in a short cycle time.

KoneSlid® precision mixer KS

Mixer dryer and vacuum dryer (VMT)

undefined The spiral mixing blade of the vacuum dryer initiates a three-dimensional flow of the mixing goods; creating a spiral upward movement on the periphery and downward flow in the centre. The mixer dryer is vacuum and pressure tight and heatable by steam, thermal oil or water. Fully temperature controlled: the mixing vessel, the mixing arms, the spiral blade.

Mixer dryer and vacuum dryer (VMT)

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