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ComDisc® for complete discharge of a mixer

If creating the ideal mixed product is the sole objective, almost all kinds of mixers on the market are able to reach that task. However, if complete discharge of the mixed product is also required, the choice of mixers is a lot more limited.

amixon® has developed a solution called ComDisc®, a short form for ‘complete discharge’. It is a new system to be applied at flat bottom mixers, which provides a carry out of the mixed product up to 99.997%.

The working principle: The lower mixing arm is fitted with some ComDisc® tools. During mixing process, the tools float through the mixing goods. As they move in the shadow of the product flow they do not touch the bottom of the mixer. As the filling level decreases, the ComDisc® move down and wipe out the residues of the mixing goods towards the outlet. This process takes place without de-mixing.

ComDisc® tools are made of very durable plastic with FDA approval and largely non-adhesive. Its wear is minimal. They are specially installed in order to never get lost. The design of the tools is approved for dry and wet cleaning.

Together with the SinConvex® helical mixing tool, ComDisc® is able to achieve a nearly complete discharge of the mixed goods. This way cleaning times can be reduced and raw material is saved. The whole mixing process is more hygienic and almost without cross contamination.

The advantages that ComDisc® can provide are not only available for new amixon® mixers, ComDisc® can also be retrofitted to existing flat bottom mixing machines.

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