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Complete discharge 99.997%


amixon® powder mixers - with complete discharge up to 99.99%!

Assuming a powder-processing mixing and filling plant would be constructed in a way that from the involved equipment, such as bigbag feeding station, conveyor, screening machine, weighing system, mixer, silo, filling and packing station, etc., all powder residues flow out automatically and completely, so that only dust residues remain. Then manually cleaning the system would no longer be needed in many cases. In order to make sure that any dust residues below the detection limit are eliminated during a recipe change, a rinsing batch would be run using a suitable powder.

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Cleaning and complete discharge up to 99.997%

If creating the ideal mixed product is the sole objective, almost all kinds of mixers on the market are able to reach that task. However, if complete discharge of the mixed product is also required, the choice of mixers is a lot more limited. amixon® has developed a patented solution called ComDisc®, a short form for ‘complete discharge’. It is a new system to be applied at flat bottom mixers, which provides a carry out of the mixed product up to 99.997%.

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