FDA compliant vertical dryers

If products should be thermally dried, the use of a vertical dryer is recommended. As a very efficient alternative to traditional systems, amixon® offers dynamically operating vertical dryers, one-shaft dryers and mixing dryers. Those have been successfully launched on the market. The vertical mixing dryers and mixing reactors of amixon® are working with a screw band-mixing tool that rotates very tight to floor and wall within a thick-walled cylinder.

The small distance between the mixing tool and the fully heated walls of the vertical dryer guarantees an ideal heat transfer. All the surfaces of the patented, vertically arranged dryer are tempered: the agitator shaft, the shovel-shaped arms and the screw band. Due to the specially designed mixing tool, a very even mixing quality and a high conversion rate can be achieved.

The drying process is carried out gently but quickly, even if a variety of rheological consistencies occur. The vertical dryer / reactor complies to the FDA requirements and can also be used as a sterile reactor. It also meets the EHEDG requirements and conforms to the 3-a-Sanitary standards.

amixon® Vertical dryers - successfully used in the industry

amixon® vertical dryers have been successfully used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry for decades. In the chemical industry, the vertically installed dryers are used for processes with fungicides, ceramic pigments or paint pigments, among other applications. The batch sizes vary from 1 liter up to 30 000 liters.

In all cases, the operators of amixon® vertical dryers said that the functions of the vertical mixer-driers meet and exceed their expectations. The mixing dryer and mixing reactor is suitable for powders, suspensions, pastes and dough (piloting is recommended).

Gentle drying of goods

amixon® vertical dryers are characterized by performing a very gentle treatment of dry goods as well as short process times. The patented mixing tool quickly passes the products along the heated surfaces within the vertical dryer. In order to shorten the processing time further, the mixing tools and also the shaft and arms may be heated. Vertical dryers with heated mixing tools are particularly effective. amixon® vertical dryers can be operated with vacuum or positive pressure.

As an alternative to vertical dryers with flat bottoms, amixon® also offers dryers with conical shaped bottoms. These are very similar in their function to the vertical dryers.

Solutions in the field of mixing technology require individual products. Our experts will advise you in accordance with your specific requirements.