Industrial mixer KS II

  • Optimum mixing qualities
  • Low rotational speed
  • Particularly short mixing time
  • Very fast emptying
  • Excellent accessibility

... these are the characteristics of this new industrial mixer system. The mixture is transported upwards at the perimeter of the mixing chamber and flows downwards in the centre. As it flows downwards, the product stream is conducted to the periphery by a conical mixing element. After about 4 revolutions the entire volume has already been completely shifted once by the mixer. The ideal mixture quality is achieved after approximately 20 to 30 revolutions.

The input of energy is very small; to that extent the mixing process is particularly gentle. As a rule the particle shapes and sizes remain unchanged. The KoneSlid® industrial mixer was developed in particular for goods such as those that result from spray drying, fluidised bed granulation or belt drying and whose particles can be of various sizes and fragile. Examples of this are: instant beverage powders, dry milk derivatives, instant soups, muesli, deep-frozen foods, tablet masses and metallic powders. The KoneSlid® mixer is suitable for all kinds of dry, moist and even suspended powders.

Even faster than the mixing process is the emptying of the industrial mixer, which takes place by means of the closing system moving downwards. The mixtures flow out within a few seconds. Conical piles usually do not result in the container positioned below. The mixture is completely emptied, apart from minimal dust residues. The large inspection doors are particularly advantageous. They allow comfortable cleaning and inspection. All parts of the mixer are accessible for manual dry cleaning.

Please visit us in Paderborn. amixon® cordially invites you to take part in mixing tests and assures you of optimum results in advance!

KoneSlid® Industrial mixer set-up

Set-up Industrial mixer

  • Ideal mixture qualities and micro-fine deagglomeration

  • Extremely short cycle times: one KS II 1000 industrial mixer can process up to 19 m3/h

  • Varying filling degrees from about 10 to 100% of the type designation

  • Cleaning of the mixer: comfortable, safe, ideally ergonomical, wet or dry, manual or automatic

  • Industrial mixer available if desired with several CleverCut® inspection doors

  • Almost complete emptying in a few seconds, without slope cones, without segregation

  • amixon® has test mixers for process trials

Industrial mixers of this design can be used for heterogeneous recipes. Bulk densities from 0.05 to 3 kg/dm3


Mixing values of the industrial mixer
Mixing values - KoneSlid® industrial mixer - Type KS II
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