Industrial mixers - turning raw materials into products.

Industrial mixers are designed to mix or blend materials to form a homogeneous end product. Typical applications are found in the worldwide food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic and mineral industries. Depending on the application, such mixers work at different process temperatures and operating pressures. Depending on the ingredients used and the setup of the mixing equipment, industrial mixers can be applied for a variety of processes such as dry blending, paste mixing for high viscosity products as well as for emulsification, particle size reduction and homogenization.

Technology for a growing market

Industrial food mixers from amixon® meet a growing market with increasing demands as to convenience, quality and specific characteristics of the end product. They are the result of decades of experience and are designed to integrate with any production environment. Following the increasing demand for maximum efficiency, they combine fast operation with superior reliability, availability and service friendliness. They also feature the mechanical, electrical and communications interfaces for seemless integration into modern production control systems.

amixon® industrial mixers used in the pharmaceutical or food & beverage industries conform to the GMP standards referring to the production of drugs and foods. This not only requires the use of materials that will not interact with the process media used. It also requires a seamless design characterized by smooth surfaces that not only prevent any accumulation of residues of the process media, but also supports easy maintenance and effective cleaning for fast and efficient changes between different products.

Homogeneous mixtures

Industrial food mixers can be adapted to a wide range of raw materials and end products. They are used whenever different types of raw materials in powder or granular form need to be turned into a homogeneous mixture meeting precisely defined quality specifications. They also mix products in dry and liquid form to form an end product characterized by a specific viscosity to meet consumer expectations.

Designed for efficient mixing plant integration

Especially in the worldwide food & beverage industry, multiple industrial mixers are set up to form complex mixing plants designed for high-speed serial or parallel production. Depending on the plant layout this usually requires combined positioning and linking of individual mixers.

Industrial food mixers from amixon® stand out for their highly compact vertical design. Using natural gravity, this allows an easy flow of products without the need of costly piping and pumping equipment. It also allows easy cleaning of the mixing equipment, which is usually done from top to bottom.

Proprietary technology for added safety

Like all amixon® mixers, blenders, dryers and reactors, the industrial food mixers are exclusively made in Germany. We insist on manufacturing especially all key technologies inhouse at our product design and manufacturing facility in Paderborn (besides drives with transmissions and motors). This also includes the design of mixing shafts and blades. Due to this high production depth, amixon® not only offers outstanding technologies but is also able to ensure constant quality for superior reliability and performance.

Industrial food blenders from amixon® are available in a variety of models featuring specific characteristics and technologies. Our application engineers are able to develop application-specific solutions tailored to the specific set of requirements of our customers.

Pilot plant for real-life demonstration

amixon® offers comprehensive customer support from consultation all the way to on-site assembly and implementation. At our worldwide pilot plants located in specific key markets, we provide a variety of mixing and blending equipment with. This allows us to test and demonstrate any customer-specific mixing, drying or reaction process under real-life production conditions.

Made for a wide range of products

Following the demands of a busy yet health-conscious world, the food & beverage industry combines convenience with high quality and nutritional value. Industrial food mixers from amixon® are used for a variety of products, including:





Solutions in the field of mixing technology require individual products. Our experts will advise you in accordance with your specific requirements.